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  •   There is only one realtor you should ever work with period.  

    And that is Kamal from the Elizabeth Do team.  

    We recently bought a house and Kamal and the Elizabeth Do team were our Realtors, and they and especially Kamal did an outstanding job helping us find our awesome house.  

    Now we are not the most easy folks to work with - we had a lot of specific needs and where incredibly fussy, really fussy as we must have seen upwards of 30+ houses before we narrowed down to what we wanted.  No matter what Kamal was there, with a smile, a joke, often a couple of Starbucks and an attitude that kept us going no matter what.

    And when it came to helping us finally get the place - he fights for his clients, and would go to the ends of the earth to help you get the deal that you are looking for.  

    As a professional and as someone who will quickly become your friend, we highly recommend Kamal and the Elizabeth Do team.  

    Go Kamal!

    thumb Baron C.

      Elizabeth and her team are the best!  They helped me purchase my new home, and on top of that, helped me rent out my current home.  Every transaction was quick and easy, and Elizabeth was always there to answer any and all of the questions I had during the whole process.  I'm so delighted to have worked with this team, and I highly recommend everyone else to work with them as well.  They just make your life so much easier. 10 thumbs up if I could!

    thumb Diana P.
  •   This review is my way of expressing my thanks to Maria Galindo, who I had the pleasure to know. As an agent, Maria went above and beyond in helping me find a condo that I like. I appreciate her professionalism very much.

    thumb Andy L.

      What is there not to like about working with Lina Celella?

    Lina is the ideal real estate professional.

    Her many years of expertise was immensely valuable as my husband and I navigated the daunting task of purchasing our first home.  She provided the perfect combination of advice/guidance while allowing us to make the decisions that were right for us.  I felt very confident in my decision making with her assistance.

    Lina is very easy to talk to and extremely personable, which made our weekends house hunting a fun experience.  

    Lina was always available at any time for a phone call.  She is super attentive.  There were many instances where she really went above and beyond what was necessary to ensure we were 100% happy with our decisions.  It was very obvious she was primarily concerned with making sure we were taken care of, always.  There was a time where I was slightly hesitant about my decision and she worked with me very patiently until I was able to figure out what I needed.

    I would 100% recommend her to all my friends and family.  Choosing a first home is not an easy endeavor.  You want someone whom you can trust and make the experience a good one.  You are in great hands with Lina in every aspect of home buying.

    thumb Cynthia A.
  •   This 5-star rating is for Maria Galindo (and is long overdue!). She helped me and my wife (then fiancee) find our first rental home together last year and is continuing to help us with searching for our first home to purchase.

    There's so much that can be said about Maria and the Elizabeth Do team. For starters, Maria is a genuine and caring person who really has our best interest in mind. This is apparent when she sits down to talk with you (even from the first phone call) and diligently listens and takes notes to ensure she has a firm understanding of exactly what it is her clients are looking for. Even when I made a mistake by passing up on a home that my then fiancee wanted (life tip: the wife is always right), she helped me get back in touch with the landlord and was able to seal the deal on short notice.

    Even after all was said and done and we were moved in, Maria consistently checked up with me to make sure everything was going well and invited us to several client appreciation events (which I unfortunately have yet been able to attend due to my schedule). She's very personable and sweet and we are very appreciative of her time and advice.

    She takes the time to respond to all of my questions and requests thoroughly and promptly, no matter how nit-picky I am (a result of my OCD from 14 years in the service and over analyzing things from being an engineer). I know that I can be difficult to deal with but Maria has made the rental process and home searching process very pleasant.

    I would argue it would be hard to do any better then Maria and the Elizabeth Do team! Thanks Maria!!

    thumb Joshua P.

      Elizabeth simply rocks! We just sold our home through her, and as a prior VP of a big NY real estate agency I choose her because she has this down to a science.
    We sold our home when we weren't even local. Her team - from landscaper, to contractor, to stager - was spectacular.
    And the best - she's good people. That, of course, matters most 🙂

    thumb Lindsay W.
  •   I can't say enough of how Liz and The Elizabeth Do Team had made my recent home selling and buying experience a breeze.  If you ever was in the market to sell your current home or looking to buy, the process can be overwhelming with everything else going on in your life.  The Elizabeth Do Team made sure that my transaction was as smooth as possible, communicated on every status, and work with all parties involved in making it a stress free process.  Customer service and communication is big to me in a transaction like this and as a long time client, her team has continued to innovate in providing a service that always exceeds my expectations.  If you are ever in a market to buy, sell or invest, I highly recommend The Elizabeth Do Team!

    thumb Duong V.

      The Elizabeths do team really care for their clients. They make are you are satisfied with your purchase, and good follow ups. You are going t keep coming back for real estates search no matter buys or sells. Top agent on the market, your clients and customer relationship and grow to life time friendships.

    thumb Aurora L.
  •   Sending xoxo to Maria for making our home experience a dream. She has a very delightful personality that made our conversation and transaction go very smooth. We had to find,close and move out into our forever home in 5 weeks. Not very much time to play around. To make a long story short... WE CLOSED IN 3 WEEKS!! THANK YOU MARIA!!

    I also, wanted to take this time to Thank JOHN for connecting us and being a great listener.

    thumb Nola V.

      Elizabeth Do Team was prospecting me to be a customer trough direct mail. After contacting the number on her marketing communication, it was clear I could not work with Elizabeth Do Team. The person on the other end of the phone could not understand me. I requested to be removed from the mailings and was hung up on. I'm in the market to buy a new home and sell my existing home. I was hoping Elizabeth Do Team could help me, unfortunately, the experience was frustrating.

    From yelp moderator on my original post...

    I'm reaching out to let you know that our moderators removed your review of The Elizabeth Do Team - Keller Williams Realty because it wasn't clear that your review described your firsthand experience as a customer of The Elizabeth Do Team - Keller Williams Realty.

    thumb Zach S.



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