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  •   Lina helped us with our first home purchase. She made the process of finding and purchasing our home easy!

    thumb Linna L.

      Elizabeth Doh and her team are fantastic! They exceeded my expectations. Very wonderful experience. They helped me achieve my sales goal. Professional, seasoned, accessible, transparent, and caring. I would recommend them to any buyer or seller. Thanks.

    thumb Pat B.
  •   I reached out to The Elizabeth Do Team to get an estimate of the value of my house. Ryan responded and provided exactly what I was looking for. He was courteous, honest, prompt, and provided exactly what I was looking for. I couldn't have asked for more from him. If and when it comes time to sell, Ryan will definitely be getting a call from me.

    thumb Larry W.

      Adding another 5 star review to the other 200+ other ones!!  But it is true, the Elizabeth Do team really is as good as it gets.  They are the area experts, they know their market, and will get you the best deal whether you are buying or selling with their team.  We've had the pleasure of working with Liz and her team on two occasions and had good results on both occasions.  This summer when we put our condo up for sale, Liz helped us sell our place within a week of posting.  Her team helped stage the condo, write up and took pictures to create attractive marketing materials, and in the end we got above the asking price for our listing!!  Within the process, as with all sellers we were most concerned about buyers falling out of escrow.  And since the buyers in this case overbid by a bit I was even more concerned.  But I had nothing to worry about as Liz worked closely with the appraiser on our case to explain the value of what they were seeing and in the end help us to close the deal.  We are very happy with the level of service that Liz's  team provides and would have no reservations recommending her team to anyone.

    thumb Anh N.
  •   My Wife and I love the Elizabeth Do Team. They helped us when we bought our very first home a few years ago. More recently, they helped us with marketing and selling our hot home. Not only that, they helped us tremendously with everything involved. What could have been super stressful, was pretty easy going with finding a new home and balancing the time frames between selling our old home, buying our new home, moving out of our old home, and moving into a new home. My wife and I can't thank you guys enough. The whole team helped out soooooooo much. You guys rock!!! We can't thank you enough!

    thumb Joshua B.

      I am a first time home-buyer and worked with Maria Galindo from the Elizabeth Do Team. Maria is an outstanding real estate agent! She is reliable, efficient, and fast. It was such a pleasure working with her and I cannot have asked for a better agent. Maria went out of her way to make sure that the whole home-buying process ran as smoothly as possible. When working with Maria, you can trust that she is coordinating everything to the best of her ability with your loan officer/lenders/escrow. I was in Philadelphia and Asia during most of the escrow period and Maria was able to get documents to me electronically, be physically present during my home inspection, and communicate with me any concerns. She is easy to contact with via phone/text/email and always addressed my concerns within a reasonable amount of time. I had a few hiccups with my lender and escrow but Maria made sure that all problems were resolved ASAP. Buying a home for the first time can be very intimidating but I had such a great experience with Maria and I give the highest recommendation to anyone who is considering to work with her!

    thumb Ltd 0.
  •   Maria Villsreal was & is great at what age does! She really took the time to help us find our perfect home & always be available to any requests & questions we had. She's patient & always a trooper scheduling a million showings for us to fit in one day!
    Thank you Maria & Liz!

    thumb Paola G.

      I highly recommend this team especially Phoebe who is so friendly and professional . She work very hard and care about  clients' needs. I feel this team is trustworthy . Merry Christmas Phoebe!

    thumb Diana L.
  •   Maria Galindo made our purchase an easy process.  She was responsive and helpful from the start to the end.  Thank you Maria!

    thumb Anne V.

      Ok, so here's long overdue part 2 review for Maria Galindo. As Yelp says when placing five star reviews, with Maria, it's really "as good as it gets." After Maria helped me and my now wife find our first rental place together in 2017, she occasionally reached out to touch base, make sure everything was good, etc. Eventually, we got to talking about purchasing our first home. I wasn't quite sure how feasible it was but Maria was knowledgeable and also set us up with Marc Bui (another diamond in the rough...your review will come, eventually!), who is now our loan officer. He sat down with me, and Maria was there, too, and gave me a no pressure, informative consultation about my options and feasibility of making our first purchase. Maria was there every step of the way to listen and offer her advice and opinion on whatever questions we had.

    We searched high and low for a place. Rain or shine, day or night, Maria was there, always smiling and always so willing to help. She is so genuine and that is one of the things I appreciate about her so much. It also takes a lot to put up with me so the fact that she stuck by me through all of those showings and questions speaks volumes. After about a year of passively searching and looking and 6 months of heavily searching, we finally found a home that Maria helped us get into. Thanks to her, my wife and I are homeowners for the first time in our lives, and, might I say, much earlier than I thought was possible in our situation. So thank you, Maria, and the Liz Do team for all of your help, hard work, and time in helping me and others like me to actualize the dream of being a homeowner. I recommend Maria to everyone and a friend of mine recently purchased, as well, through Maria, and also has sung her praises. Thanks Maria (and Mike!)

    thumb Joshua P.



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