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  •   Ok, so here's long overdue part 2 review for Maria Galindo. As Yelp says when placing five star reviews, with Maria, it's really "as good as it gets." After Maria helped me and my now wife find our first rental place together in 2017, she occasionally reached out to touch base, make sure everything was good, etc. Eventually, we got to talking about purchasing our first home. I wasn't quite sure how feasible it was but Maria was knowledgeable and also set us up with Marc Bui (another diamond in the rough...your review will come, eventually!), who is now our loan officer. He sat down with me, and Maria was there, too, and gave me a no pressure, informative consultation about my options and feasibility of making our first purchase. Maria was there every step of the way to listen and offer her advice and opinion on whatever questions we had.

    We searched high and low for a place. Rain or shine, day or night, Maria was there, always smiling and always so willing to help. She is so genuine and that is one of the things I appreciate about her so much. It also takes a lot to put up with me so the fact that she stuck by me through all of those showings and questions speaks volumes. After about a year of passively searching and looking and 6 months of heavily searching, we finally found a home that Maria helped us get into. Thanks to her, my wife and I are homeowners for the first time in our lives, and, might I say, much earlier than I thought was possible in our situation. So thank you, Maria, and the Liz Do team for all of your help, hard work, and time in helping me and others like me to actualize the dream of being a homeowner. I recommend Maria to everyone and a friend of mine recently purchased, as well, through Maria, and also has sung her praises. Thanks Maria (and Mike!)

    thumb Joshua P.

      Prior to knowing Elizabeth team and its member, Phoebe, I had seen a lot of homes and done some pre-paperwork with 3 agents and lenders. All of them turned me down. First, my choice of home has to be big enough for 5 people, my parents, 2 brothers and myself. Initially I planned for us 3 brothers be responsible for finance since my parents are no longer working. We do have about 30 to 40% down payment coming from my home country but some of the funds and deposits are not in the bank for 2 months so generally, we couldn't use them yet unless proof of source provided. Another issue is that my 2 brothers came to the US just for nearly a year and their employment's length weren't even a year. Those are facts that all of the agents and lenders I met turned us down immediately. One of them didn't even reply to my inquiry
    Until one day, on an open house in Santa Ana, I met Phoebe. My mom and I felt in love with the home. It was decent, clean, refreshing and ready to move in. We generally discussed with her. Her confidence seemed a bit odd to me. It was like she knew we could be qualified. She preferred me to a loan officer from LoanDepot whose name is Andy Nguyen.
    It is tough to buy a home that satisfy all of family member, not to mention that our position was already challenging to get qualified. We all knew beforehand that some compensations had to take place. but still, it was hard at first to get everyone smiling on a big decision.
    While I was working with Andy to get loan qualified, my parents knew some of cheaper homes hearing from relatives. This got a bit frustrating. Once a person becomes homeowner, generally, she/he self-claims to be an expert in real estate, advises others and most of all, generalizes home-buying process. No matter how many home one own, he/she never be a professional real-estate agent. My code of living is that every experience is different, unique and varied in each situation. They are just similar in some perspectives.
    We visited 2 cheaper homes, also in Santa Ana, just by looking at neighbor area, I knew that these 2 are not great homes to be considered in the first place even though the price difference is $90k. The cost for fixing in general, being near 2 school and the neighbor area couldn't compensate enough for the cheaper price. They are cheaper for a reason. My parents couldn't see those at first. As I mentioned, it is tough to get everyone smile at first on a big decision like buying home. Then, Phoebe patiently showed us the home again, explained why the other home is a much better choice. We can fix a home but no way can magically turn a neighbor area into a way we want. So finally, everyone set their goal on the first home.
    At first, I was a bit skeptical about getting qualified from LoanDepot because I was turned down many times. I was surprised when Andy mentioned that my brothers could use their employment from home country to satisfy 2-year continuous employment. This proves my point: you have to go out there, do research, consult with many professionals not one to reach your goal. There are rules and exceptions. Don't stop just because some one turned you down or say "at this moment, it is not possible." So, employment and credit score were on good track. However, I had some little problems when it came to my works. I work in one place but on paper, it is 2 companies and they pay W9/1099 split. It was a bit difficult for Andy but he knows his stuff and resolved that. About sourcing some large deposits, it was just time consuming. The way Andy and Phoebe works makes me feel they are out there helping me. It is not simply a paid service but rather, a battle to get us the home. We had some other issues in my files that I am not going into detail here. I know my file probably the most challenging for them to work on. When the escrow coming to close, no one around me could believe that we could purchase the home.
    The moment I receive the key is phenomenal. Phoebe and Andy is the only team getting me to this happy end. I remember that one person is agent, lender and broker altogether licensed but refused to work on my case. No grudge here but the point here is that a multiple-professional may not be as efficient as a team consisting of many people. At the end of the day, result matters and not how many licenses one has.

    thumb Vance D.
  •   Maria Villsreal was & is great at what age does! She really took the time to help us find our perfect home & always be available to any requests & questions we had. She's patient & always a trooper scheduling a million showings for us to fit in one day!
    Thank you Maria & Liz!

    thumb Paola G.

      I am a first time home-buyer and worked with Maria Galindo from the Elizabeth Do Team. Maria is an outstanding real estate agent! She is reliable, efficient, and fast. It was such a pleasure working with her and I cannot have asked for a better agent. Maria went out of her way to make sure that the whole home-buying process ran as smoothly as possible. When working with Maria, you can trust that she is coordinating everything to the best of her ability with your loan officer/lenders/escrow. I was in Philadelphia and Asia during most of the escrow period and Maria was able to get documents to me electronically, be physically present during my home inspection, and communicate with me any concerns. She is easy to contact with via phone/text/email and always addressed my concerns within a reasonable amount of time. I had a few hiccups with my lender and escrow but Maria made sure that all problems were resolved ASAP. Buying a home for the first time can be very intimidating but I had such a great experience with Maria and I give the highest recommendation to anyone who is considering to work with her!

    thumb Ltd 0.
  •   We were referred to Maria Galindo through a friend and we really enjoyed our experience. Maria made the entire process easy by going over the entire process with us initially and was always available to us. We didn't really know what to expect or what questions to ask but the team helped us every step of the way. Everything went really smoothly and fast. We couldn't have asked for a better team!

    I highly recommend working with Maria! She is so helpful, caring and down to earth. She really does have your best interest in mind and we are so grateful! Thank you Maria, Vi and the team!

    thumb Connie L.

      My husband and I are so happy we came across The Elizabeth Do Team when we were looking for a rental a couple years ago! Prior to finding them on Yelp we had a really difficult time finding a place that allowed large dogs. We have now used them twice and both times, Maria Galindo was there to help us and to make the process less stressful. She's sooo nice, very helpful, responds quickly when we had questions and was willing to work around our crazy work schedule to show us a few different rentals. We cannot thank her enough! We will definitely be using their help again when we are ready to finally purchase a home!!

    thumb Pamela B.
  •   Very Satisfied Customer

    YELP didn't fail me. I looked on Yelp for someone to help me sell and buy a new property using the funds from the sale. The Elizabeth Do group stood out amongst the rest. I found out first hand for good reason. Ryan Edwards was always professional and went above and beyond to assure that the process of selling and buying timing went as seamless as possible. The entire process was a lot faster than anticipated.

                   He was always on time, was open about the process steps, timing of each part of the process, and was diligent on delivering on both parts of dealing with the buyer from our property and seller from the property we purchased. There is nothing more important than having great communication and being honest and at no point did we feel mislead or as if we were not his number one priority.

    I was impressed by the amount of resources and time that was taken to put our property on the market. Ryan explained what he thought the correct pricing was for our home and why. He took into consideration the comparables and upgrades that was done to our home. The camera work for the media was amazing. I had wanted to buy my own home back after seeing them. He carefully walked another realtor from Elizabeth Do group to familiarize her with the property for other potential buyers. We had large groups of families that attended our successful open house who were handed brochures and waters. Ryan carefully went over the offers with us as well as advising on some possible counter offers. The sale of our home was fast and some may think a little too fast. It was now time to put down a serious offer on our potential new home now that we had an offer on ours in just six days of when it went on the market.

    Ryan understood the prerequisites we had for the new home we were looking for. Unlike experience with other realtors, Ryan didn't waste our time with properties that didn't fit the bill. Ryan's experience was key on understanding how to write up an offer considering the market and other key attributes on the purchase our new home. He even attended the walkthrough with the inspection of the house to assure everything was captured (Again, another first from past experience with other realtors). He reviewed the findings one by one and explained what should be considered as part of the counter offer. I appreciate all the hard work and patience he had through the entire process. The offer was accepted, and we now live in our lovely new home all thanks to Ryan and the Elizabeth Do group for going the extra mile.

    I would definitely recommend Elizabeth Do Group to friends and family.

    thumb Marie G.

      They say buying a house is no joke, but Vi and John made the experience as smooth as it could possibly be! We had a pretty lackluster experience with the agent that Zillow linked us up with so I took it to Yelp to find a new agent. Found the team at Elizabeth Do and it was great from the very start! Even though I knew a lot of what I was looking for, they had me come into the office to go over everything to get as clear a picture as possible.

    Then came the hunt! The tag team of Vi and John were very flexible with our schedules to go see properties, and even when we didn't get a few that we wanted they were still persistent to help us til the end. Every question and worry was left answered. When it came time for all the paperwork they kept us updated of all changes and got back to us very quickly.

    Would recommend this team 100%!

    thumb David N.
  •   Lina helped us with our first home purchase. She made the process of finding and purchasing our home easy!

    thumb Linna L.

      Adding another 5 star review to the other 200+ other ones!!  But it is true, the Elizabeth Do team really is as good as it gets.  They are the area experts, they know their market, and will get you the best deal whether you are buying or selling with their team.  We've had the pleasure of working with Liz and her team on two occasions and had good results on both occasions.  This summer when we put our condo up for sale, Liz helped us sell our place within a week of posting.  Her team helped stage the condo, write up and took pictures to create attractive marketing materials, and in the end we got above the asking price for our listing!!  Within the process, as with all sellers we were most concerned about buyers falling out of escrow.  And since the buyers in this case overbid by a bit I was even more concerned.  But I had nothing to worry about as Liz worked closely with the appraiser on our case to explain the value of what they were seeing and in the end help us to close the deal.  We are very happy with the level of service that Liz's  team provides and would have no reservations recommending her team to anyone.

    thumb Anh N.



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