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  •   Have been working with Liz and her team for close to 10 years and I have nothing but great things to say!  Personable, caring, attentive, detailed oriented, organized... all qualities that each of her team members have.  Throughout the years, the Do Team have helped me with three single family homes and two multi-unit complexes...   each transaction was smooth and pleasant.  Would recommend without hesitation!

    thumb Freddy C.

      I am a first time home buyer currently in the middle of escrow but I wanted to write a review of the excellent service I have had so far, especially during this COVID-19 time. I met my agent, Phoebe (one of the agents at the Elizabeth Do Team), at my first open house 1 month before the pandemic and immediately connected with her and felt she totally understood me. So much that I parted ways with my agent I had just started working with. Phoebe is not only professional but she knows how to work with all types of personalities. So whether you are like me, and an over-analyzer/researcher who does my own numbers and acts like I know everything, OR a laid back roll with the flow kind of person, Phoebe is your gal. I have seen Phoebe's skills first hand...  techniques she has used to communicate with the seller's agent, ways she has set me up to look like the ideal buyer, EXCELLENT negotiation skills. Even other agents have given her compliments on her communication with them. When Phoebe says she is going to do something, she follows through right away. She really understands the market. The pandemic has actually been in my favor as there has been less buyer competition which means more sales near listing (or even below), as opposed to bidding wars (I saw a lot of those pre-pandemic, one place had 17 offers in 2 days!) Phoebe has made me feel calm during these times and has taken every precaution to make home shopping safe. She has made sure the buyer and the potential seller both sign the "enter at your own risk" COVID-19 form before showing a property and has provided gloves, masks, and booties to me at every showing (and of course wears them herself.) She also hand sanitizes things afterwards. She immediately knew about another COVID-19 form, the one at the offer stage, which helps to protect the buyer from unforeseen circumstances due to COVID-19 at the phase where the deposit is non refundable in escrow. I went into escrow on a home and ended up backing out once I discovered the HOA's very poor financial health during the buyers investigation phase. For that home, Phoebe got a killer deal for me, $20k under listing and an extra year of warranty. Phoebe was able to get the seller to sign the form (not every seller wants to, as it just gives the buyer an out late in the process and could extend escrow time.) Phoebe was very supportive of my decision to pull out and was not pushy to try to get the sale. Once I fell in love with another condo, she moved quickly and got my offer accepted within 24 hours, even though the seller's agent said they were expecting another offer that same day. She has been there every step of the way to answer my millions of questions/phone calls and has walked me through the process. Her whole team is excellent and she has great contacts in the industry... a VERY thorough inspector (I would know, I used him twice!), and I used one of her recommended lenders (Fairway Mortgage Inc- Marc Bui Team) who was able to lock in a great rate (twice!) and provide a tax program service to get me a big tax credit (another lender knew about that program but said lenders rarely do that program because it's a lot of work and they don't make anything off of it.) I will update this review after my escrow closes as I know I will have more good things to say....

    UPDATE: Okay now escrow has closed! Everything went super smoothly.  It was a quick 25 day escrow. Phoebe was a BEAST in negotiating seller credits. I recommended her to my friend who just closed escrow a week after me and said how amazing Phoebe's negotiating skills were too! I even got the washer/dryer, a 42" mounted tv, and a sound bar thrown in! I highly recommend buying from sellers who are moving out of state 🙂 Overall, a great experience.

    thumb Julie E.
  •   Absolutely LOVED working with the Elizabeth Do Team on the recent sale of my home. My agent, Victor Nguyen, was just the right fit for me and made the process as painless as possible! I sold my home during the COVID-19 pandemic and I was pretty stressed out -- scratch that -- VERY stressed out about it. But Victor and his team quelled my fears and negotiated the best possible deal for my home sale AND managed to help me close early. The whole Elizabeth Do team worked together seamlessly and kept me informed of each step of the process along the way. Victor was very communicative and had an answer to all my questions, no matter how ridiculous I felt they might sound. I would 100% recommend him and his team to anyone looking to sell or buy a home. And I can't wait for the client appreciation events so I can hang out with these amazing people again!

    thumb Marisa D.

      On August 27, 2020 we wrote a very positive review about Elizabeth Do and her team's performance. Well, flash forward to the end of closing, when we found out that we needed Elizabeth Do's help once again. The problem was that our statement from the Escrow agent  did not match the amounts we received . We called Elizabeth and told her about the problem .  In a short time,   Elizabeth called us back with an explanation of the problem. Then she also had a corrected statement emailed to us.
    Our problem  wasquickly resolved thanks to Elizabeth Do . We are truly grateful for all of  her efforts, both before and after the sale. She is remarkable !!!!

    thumb Linda B.
  •   It was time to sell our childhood home. Elizabeth Do came highly recommended and after meeting with her, we quickly knew why. Liz took us, step-by-step through the entire process, evaluated the property and helped us come up with the right listing price.  From that point on, we just sat back and watched Liz and team do their magic. End result, the house is sold and transaction is closed. Start to finish was 41 days.
    Without hesitation, I recommend Elizabeth Do and her team!

    thumb Mickey G.

      Wow! Yes, Wow!

    This is a long overdue review. My husband Stephen and I bought our first home in February. That's right! We did it!!! With the the help and guidance from this amazing group of people, we buckled downed we took a chance.  Our home buying experience was a little bit of a journey but every moment was worth it. I know everyone's search is different but I wanted highlight our experience with John. He helped us tremendously and still till this day we keep in touch. If your a young couple and looking for your first home keep reading!

    As a newly married couple people often quick to assume the next step is to buy a home and grow a family etc. Like every stubborn "young couple" you want to live your life and spend money on vacations. We were indenial about every aspect of home buying.  We had this idea in our minds that we needed to keep saving. But It wasn't till October 2019  that we thought talk to a Liz. We met with Liz for a consultation and we talked about expectations, goals, and struggles. Yeah I said it  struggles. Our struggles to get to point A to B to point C and worries that we might have. Sid getting approved for the loan with the lender was pretty simple. She addressed each concern and really put our minds at ease and celebrated the idea of us buying a home. I have nothing but great things to say about Liz.

    The house hunting begins. John was our agent that took us to probably over 25 homes. We looked at homes all over Orange County and Corona ranging from town homes and single family homes.  He was never late to each showing  and was involved. John was really patient with us and also helped with my indecisiveness. I didn't want to settle or push my must haves to the side. He helped us stick to our plan. After two other offers that fell through, we put in our an offer on the last house we viewed and we got it! John was a huge help and was in the trenches with us. He addressed every worry we had from negotiation, inspection, and to home warranty. He was extremely  patient and was very communicative. Stephen and I are grateful to have worked with John. We couldn't have done this without his help. He genuinely wanted us to be happy with our purchase. We built a relationship with John and we look forward to the next home.

    We 10000% recommend the Liz Do Team, Liz, and John. This is also doggy approved!

    thumb Mary P.
  •   I am so happy to say that we were able to close on a brand new home last February thanks to Phoebe.  Although the builder did a great job on the house, there were several punch list items identified.  There were some push back from the builder in addressing these items, but with Phoebe's persistence, the builder fixed all of them.  The rest of the closing process was smooth and organized nonetheless.  Thank you Phoebe and the Elizabeth Do team for helping us find and close on a great home that fit all my family's needs!!

    I also would like to acknowledge Yvette for all of her hard work in finding a tenant for our rental home.  Showing the property was even more of a challenge given the COVID situation.   Thank you so much Yvette for making it happen!!

    thumb Ryan J.

      I had a really positive experience working with John, he was very communicative throughout the process and flexible with my schedule. He put in the time to help me find something that met my needs and kept me up to date during every step. I would definitely recommend this team!

    thumb Iember H.
  •   We finally decided to purchase a house but did not know where to find a good realtor. We met with a couple of realtor, including Elizabeth Do team. Elizabeth Do was very quick to respond, we messaged Elizabeth Do on yelp at midnight and received a response at 4 am and we made an appointment to meet before noon the same day. First impression was amazing, we met with John and he explain to us about everything in the home buying process (very important for first time buyer). John was very responsive to all our email, text, and call. John took us to look at countless home (I lost count) and was very patient with us the entire time. Even after we have completed the home purchase, John is still helping us finding contractors/vendors too. Elizabeth Do Team has made the home buying process very easy, from beginning to end, especially during this COVID time.

    thumb Welton T.

      Phoebe helped us with a home purchase during the pandemic. She was professional, courteous and always available to help us with our millions of questions during the process. She helped us negotiate and save money on the home purchase. She's skilled at presenting a competitive offer to get us accepted. She looks out for our best interests and willing to work hard to earn her commission. Highly recommended.

    thumb Anne D.



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